THE LACTATING MAMA is a website created exclusively for the breastfeeding mother!

Here you’ll find the tools needed to be successful on your Breastfeeding Journey. Not only will you learn how to get your milk flowing, but how to get your milk flowing while away from your baby too. This is the perfect site for moms and working moms who need a little extra support.

A mothers love is endless. There’s nothing in the world I wouldn’t do for my child and breastfeeding is one of those things. The Lactating Mama
Allow me to share a little about my journey

First off becoming a mother is an exciting time in a woman's life. At the same time it can be extremely overwhelming. Trying to figure out how to manage a household, care for a new baby, other children and be a working mom is hard work. Not to mention doing it all while BREASTFEEDING.

In the beginning, breastfeeding was going fine. Unlike with my first child things seem to be flowing, no pun intended. =) Of course I went through the ups and downs of breastfeeding; sore nipples, issues with getting my LO to latch correctly and engorged breast.. However, we were able to push through and things seem to be going fine. Sadly it was another story when it became time to return to work and I needed to pump a good amount of milk. Trying to pump while I was away from my baby almost seem impossible and my world felt like it was going to crumble. I could pump an ounce or two, but no more than that. There was many times I sat there trying to pump with tears falling down my face. Was the stress of being away from my baby causing a decrease in my supply? Was my milk drying up? Was I eating enough? Everything crossed my mind & the thought of it all was so frustrating. I even got to the point where I thought about quitting breastfeeding all together. No matter how overwhelmed, sad or stressed I felt something kept telling me I couldn't give up. So with many deep breaths and a lot of research I figured it out and I got my milk flowing! I was able to increase my output by 2-4 ounces each pump session. It wasn't easy, but yes, this mama did it.

During my journey I often said to myself, "WHERE IS THE SUPPORT? I NEED HELP!" Shoot, breastfeeding is not an easy journey to be on especially when it's your first time and you feel completely clueless. There's so many things the doctors don't tell you. So many things you don't figure out until its staring you in the face and you have no other choice. Personally I wanted to hear from moms that were going through the same stuff I was. I wanted the raw and uncut version of breastfeeding. I wanted to know what other moms did to get through their BF challenges and what things kept them going. This is why I decided to create The Lactating Mama website. I want to help moms on their breastfeeding journey by sharing what I've learned and experienced along the way. I want to share the good bad and the ugly of my journey in hopes to be an inspiration. You can be successful on this journey. Use my site to guide you. Learn. Share. Empower. You can do this!!

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