How to Increase Your Milk Supply:

Below you’ll find a list of foods and a few tips on how I keep my milk supply up:

1. Oatmeal: Eating oats are the best for increasing milk supply and are high in Iron. Iron deficiency anemia, which is common in new moms, can mess with milk supply so eat your OATS.
2. Salmon: Eating 8-12 ounces a week is safe. Known to boost lactation hormones. Also makes your milk more nutritious.
3. Lactation Cookies: Do your research to find the best one with REAL ingredients that promote lactation or DIY and make your own. Pinterest has great easy to follow recipes.
4. Cooked Spinach: Great source of vitamins and minerals. Considered a breastfeeding super-food.
5. Fenugreek Seeds: Aids in boosting supply. Beware of allergic reaction. If you or baby are allergic to nuts or seeds this may not be an option for you. Also check with doctor for the best dosage for you.
6. Coconut Water: Promotes milk secretion. Also boosts baby’s immunity and has properties that protect baby from various harmful infections.
7. Water: LOTS OF IT. I recommend a gallon a day if possible. Remember, what goes in must come out!
8. Mother’s Milk Tea: Have 1-2 cups a day. Consists of a nice blend of herbs that help boost lactation.
9. Whole Grains: Consists of hormone stimulants that boost lactation.
10. Asparagus: Known to stimulate hormones essential for lactation.
11. Garlic: Chemical compound that aid in lactation. Be careful though. Garlic in large amounts can change the way your usually sweet milk tastes.
12. Chickpeas: Great protein that boosts supply.
13. Oils and Fats: Opt for olive oil, rice bran oil or any heart healthy oil. Essential for baby’s development. Also important for producing healthy milk supply.
14. Nurse: Feed frequently and on demand when you’re with baby. This will tell your body to produce more milk… Make sure baby is emptying your breast. This is what triggers your body to produce more.
15. Eating Clean: Non-processed foods. Helps produce healthy milk supply.
16. Brewers Yeast: Known to be very effective in increasing milk supply. Also contains important vitamins for baby at the same time helps with fatigue in mothers.
17. EAT EAT EAT: Don’t be afraid to eat while Breastfeeding/pumping. You need FOOD! Remember Lactating Mama, you’re burning 300-500 calories a day. Don’t forget to fuel your body!
18. Adjusting your speed and suction settings during a pump session: This sounds a little confusing so let me break it down for you. You know how you have a set speed and suction that you use the entire time? Well during your session you would play with these. Basically increasing the speed and suction and then decreasing after 3-5 mins. Repeating this the entire session. This is similar to how a baby feeds. If you notice when your baby first starts eating, they have a nice suction going on and are eating super fast. After a while, the suction lets up and the speed starts to decrease too. Well this is what you would try to replicate by adjusting the pump settings.

19. Power Pumping: Power pumping is not a replacement for regular breast pumping sessions. Instead, power pumping is intended to boost your progress by replacing one regular sess with this technique of pumping. Basically it works by repeatedly emptying the breast, which tells your body to make more milk, more quickly. You must be consistent. I recommend trying this for 4-5 days straight and at least once a day. Below you’ll find an example of a Power Pumping Session. Remember use this technique after your feed your LO or after a regular pump sess.

Here is a list of things that can decrease milk supply: BEWARE

1. Peppermint: Known to dry up milk supply.
2. Parsley: Known to have milk suppressing properties.
3. Sage: Can decrease milk supply if eaten regularly.
4. Some Tea Blends: Read ingredients. Many teas have herbs that will cause milk to dry up. e.g. Mummy Magic Weight-loss Tea says “breastfeeding SAFE” but it does decease milk supply. I experienced a drastic decrease the next day. Most likely due to the peppermint used as a major ingredient.
5. Food & Water Intake: Not eating enough food or drinking enough water. Not only will this cause a decrease in your supply but you’ll feel terrible. Your baby is taking a lot from you while breastfeeding. You need extra nutrients to thrive.
6. Rapid Weight Loss: Losing a pound a week is fine but losing more can cause a decrease in supply.
7. Aunt Flow: For the lucky mothers who get their menstrual cycle while breastfeeding/ pumping you will see a decrease in supply. Many start to see a decrease days before when some may only experience a decrease during cycle. Don’t worry though. Your supply will return to normal once cycle has ended.
8. Alcohol: The occasional glass of wine is OK. I would suggest staying away from hard alcohol until you’ve stopped breastfeeding completely.
9. Ongoing STRESS: I know right?! Research states that ongoing stress can affect let down. Always try to keep calm and remember to BREATHE through this journey.
10. BreastPump Machines: Read the instructions. You would be surprised at how many machines are being used incorrectly. Also invest in a good quality machine. Using a horrible breast pump can cause you to see a decrease in supply easily. Many insurance companies cover good quality BreastPumps. You can find more information by clicking below!

Every woman is different and what works for some may not work for others. I suggest figuring out what works best for you by using the trial and error method. I had to try many things until I found what work for me. Please use these tips to see what helps you on this journey. From one Lactating Mama to another… YOU GOT THIS!

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