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Hey Mama, are you sleep deprived, showing signs of postpartum depression, or just need a little help around the house? Well, I want to introduce you to an agency that can help!!

“Savvy Nannies” is an Overnight Nanny Agency.

Sondra, the owner of “Savvy Nannies”, is a certified newborn care specialist, overnight nanny, and sleep coach for newborns based in the Northern California area. The savvy team provides in-home overnight care for preemies, multiples, and healthy singletons. Best of all, they teach “No Cry Sleep Guidance”. With their assistance, clients are sleeping through the night by 12 weeks of age. They also do light housekeeping like baby laundry, sterilizing and washing pump parts and bottles. In addition to those services, they can also help with product recommendations which are included in the hourly rates. “Savvy Nannies” practice awake care meaning they do not sleep while they are working. Their goal is to show new, and expecting parents that they don’t have to live the first 3, 6, 9, or even 12 months, sleep deprived after having a baby.

When a potential client wants to hire a night nanny, there is a compatibility match within the agency. Sondra will refer the best night nanny based on the client’s needs (availability, location).

Phone and email consultations for parents not local are available as well. So, if you need a little more support in one of these areas, don’t hesitate to contact SAVVY NANNIES!! You won’t be sorry!!

The owner has also been nice enough to wave the Agency fee when you use the code #thelactatingmama. That’s a $500.00 value. Head over now and let them know I sent you!! Don’t say, I didn’t tell ya!

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