The Best First Foods For Babies!

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Introducing solids doesn’t always go as planned. Babies are all different and some have their own timeline for things. Meaning that some babies just aren’t ready for solids when docs say they should be. Read my story and find out how things went for us when I tried to introduce solids. I’ve teamed up with Aeroflow Inc. in efforts to be able to support more breastfeeding mamas. Head over and check out their latest blog: The Best First Foods For Babies. Hear what myself and other mamas are saying about our babies first experiences with food. You don’t want to pass this one up. Enjoy!


 The Best First Foods For Babies


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2 Comments on “The Best First Foods For Babies!”

  1. Jazzlyn

    This is a wonderful addition, I had to do a lot if research when it came to introducing my son to solids after/during breastfeeding. I didn’t know what foods were the best, when I should start introducing foods and more. I was so confused, this site is wonderful for all knowledgeable information on so many “mommy” subjects.

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