The Story Behind the Photo: By Equella A.

4 days Postpartum

This is a vulnerable post that I think you all can relate to!

I remember taking the picture 4 days postpartum because I wanted to look back one day and remember how defeated I felt, how scared I was and how alone I felt.  I can still feel all of that just by looking at this photo.

Today I am reminded of my journey when I look at my gapped tooth, curly-headed, beautiful brown-eyed boy. I am also reminded with these DD milk jugs, tiger-striped sides, and mommy pouched belly. Oh, and let’s not talk about the hair loss. I could still cry, in which I do sometimes looking back at my perfectly sculpted bikini body that ever so often pops up on my Facebook memories from time to time. Or even catching a glimpse of my kid-free friends who have time for a few drinks and dancing on the weekends.

It has just been lately, on my 32nd birthday, that I’ve started to feel like myself again. Starting to become more motivated and determined, happier and upbeat (that doesn’t mean you’ll find me in the gym anytime soon tho). I noticed I was falling into a rhythm in which I wasn’t taking care of myself, my appearance nor my soul. I was slipping into a space where I have witnessed women of my own family end up because they love, care and put everyone else before themselves. And as selfish as PUT YOURSELF FIRST sounds to me, it’s so important! I can’t completely love my life, my husband and my son if I can’t love myself first.

So there you have it, I needed to document this moment somewhere and what better place to do that than on a platform with all you ladies who have shared your tears, stories, boobs, and babies! We are all so very amazing no matter what our journey is. I wish everyone nothing but happiness, health, and love…”

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