Breastfeeding: Healing benefits

Breast Milk Heals:

Breastmilk is amazing stuff as you already know. Not only is it the perfect combination of proteins, fats, carbohydrates and vitamins for your baby, but it also HEALS.

BREAST MILK is LIFE!The Lactating Mama


Drop a few drops of breast milk in each nostril. Do this 2x a day. You’ll get results quick.
Apply breast milk to face daily with a cotton ball and watch that acne dry up. Results vary, however I saw improvement in the redness of the acne immediately.
Apply breast milk to a clean bottom with a cotton ball. It works best if you apply every diaper change. I’ve used as a preventative and my LO has never had a diaper rash.
Apply breast milk to nipples and let dry. Do it as often as needed. My nipples healed after a few days.
Apply breast milk to a dry, clean scalp. Let dry. Apply daily for best results. It should clear in a few weeks if you are consistent. I do NOT recommend brushing or combing out. I DID NOT have to. Dry/dead skin was removed when I washed scalp.
Add breast milk to bath water or make a lotion with coconut oil & breast milk and apply to skin as needed.
Apply breast milk directly to skin and as often as needed. I saw improvement overnight.
Put 3-4 drops of breast milk in the ear canal every few hours. It is hard to know when an ear infection has cleared, however pay attention to baby’s cues. Always consult a doctor if you have concern.
Apply a little breast milk to the affected area daily. The healing properties in Breast milk can help minimise the look of your stretch marks if consistent.
Gargle with a little breastmilk, several times a day for 1-2 days.
With a eye dropper, add a few drops of breastmilk to the eye. If symptoms worsen please consult your doctor.
I am not a doctor. Always consult your doctor if you have concern. Babies are all different. What worked for my LO may not work for your baby.

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