Breastfeeding: Personal Recommendations

Looking for a nutritious treat to help increase your supply?
Mrs. Patel’s is it.
They offer a NON-fenugreek option for mamas like myself who cannot have the herb due to baby’s allergy.
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Lacti-Cups Essentials are a MUST HAVE for Breastfeeding Mamas. Save 4-12oz/day without having to pump.
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This bottle can help make your breastfeeding journey a little easier.

“Pump Mama Pump” is a guide that motivates and encourages mamas who pump. You’ll find tips and advice that will help you throughout your breastfeeding journey.

Need more light while you are pumping? Lactalite can help! The soft white or blue lighting feature provides a light that shines directly onto the tunnel portion of the breast shield, creating a soft glow so you can better visualize your milk flow.

A great comfy, multipurpose dress that will have you feeling sexy, too. All while being a breastfeeding mama!
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CoBoo Pumping Spray will change your Pumping Life! It is a all natural lubricant that makes pumping easier, and more pleasant. Get yours now!
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