Breastfeeding: Resources & Recommendations


Want to learn more on getting the Proper Latch? This is a great video that can help!

Great resource for all evidence-based information on breastfeeding & parenting!
Popular Breast Pump Reviews & More!
Find out Proper Storage and Preparation of Breast Milk and More!
La Leche League USA helps parents, families, and communities to breastfeed,
chest feed, and human milk feed their babies through parent-to-parent support
Great database with information on drugs and other chemicals to which breastfeeding mothers may be exposed.
Have concerns with a medicine your taking? Search for information here!
Is there something I can't help you with? Find a IBCLC near you!
World Health Organization (WHO) provides information, support and more!
Looking for a nutritious treat to help increase your supply?
Mrs. Patel's is it.
They offer a NON-fenugreek option for mamas like myself who can not have the herb due to baby's allergy.
USE CODE: lactmama20 for 20% off.
Lacti-Cups Essentials are a MUST HAVE for Breastfeeding Mamas. Save 4-12oz/day without having to pump.
USE DISCOUNT CODE: Lactatingmama for 10% off.