Tips on Weaning

Don’t allow misconceptions and the pressure from others cause you to initiate weaning before you and your baby are ready. Start to wean when it is the right time for you and your little one. Do your best and forget the rest! Trina/ The Lactating Mama
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    Offer Snacks vs. Breast

    This is rough at first, but it works. You may have to find the perfect snack that you both agree on, however, when you do the transition will go smooth.

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    Shorten breastfeeding sessions!

    Weaning should be a gradual process. I particularly didn’t want to go cold turkey. By decreasing the amount of time we spent breastfeeding helped create a new normal.

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    Don’t be afraid to say NO!

    Easier said than done, right?! I know it’s really hard to be firm when it comes to your baby, however, it is OK! They’ll still love you. If your LO asks to nurse, you can either say “it’s all gone,” or “there’s no more.” My LO responded pretty well to, “you’re a big girl now, it’s all gone!”

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    Snuggle up!

    Just because you are not breastfeeding doesn’t mean that the cuddles stop. Take this moments to kiss, hug, read, or talk to your LO. It is all about changing the narrative.

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    Consistency is key

    There will be many times you give in. There will be many times you find yourself crying in the corner. It’s all OK! Just take your time. Be consistent and it will happen. In my opinion the weaning process shouldn’t be rushed. It will take time, however, they will catch on.


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These tips are to be used to help encourage the weaning process. However, every baby is different and needs different things. Don’t be discouraged if the weaning process doesn’t go as planned. It takes time and that is OK!!