Breastfeeding/ Lactation E-Consultation: 30 min Live, Video Call


Breastfeeding/ Lactation E-Consultation Service

What’s included:

(1) One 30-minute LIVE and secure E-Consultation with me
(2) A follow-up email with additional advice, tips, and resources

* Easy Scheduling
* Weekend Sessions Available
* Partner/ Family Friendly Consults


As a Certified Lactation Educator and Counselor, I offer professional lactation management services and support to families who are thinking about Breastfeeding or who have questions or concerns during the course of their breastfeeding/lactation journey. I also specialize in Breastfeeding support after C-section. Below are some reasons why you may be interested in my service:

-Baby is not properly latching-on
-Mom pumps her breast milk
-Mother is experiencing nipple pain and/or damage
-Mother has engorged breasts, oversupply
-Mother has low milk production
-Mother needs breastfeeding support and motivation
-Have plugged ducts or other concerns
-Returning to work/ school
-Breastfeeding after C-Section support and tips
-Weaning tips