Life After Breastfeeding. How to Restore Wellness after Weaning!


You’re not alone! Get the support & information you need after weaning.  It doesn’t matter if you nursed, pumped or did both. The physical and mental changes you experience after weaning are no joke. I can help you! GET YOUR EBOOK NOW!

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After a Mother’s breastfeeding journey has come to an end, many express feeling emotional, anxious, irritable, fatigued, and even ill. It can be quite a confusing time both mentally and physically. Since this stage is often unspoken of, many moms don’t know where to turn for information and support. Many find themselves battling these feelings alone, and unaware that it is actually very common. Use my book as a valuable resource, and tool to help restore your mind, body, and soul after the weaning process has ended. This book was written to prepare, guide, and support you. This book will help you get through the stage they don’t tell you about! As a Breastfeeding mother myself, my goal is to share with you what I learned, and how I restored wellness after weaning. Your “LIFE after Breastfeeding” Journey does not have to leave you feeling lost! You can restore wellness and regain your life again!



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