Dieting while Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding and my Weight-loss Struggles: 

Weight has always been an issue for me. Throughout my life I would lose weight, gain weight and then lose it again. That was the story of my life. I would definitely consider myself one of those who are always on a weight-loss roller coaster. When I got pregnant I was at my heaviest ever. Although I know the stress of trying to get pregnant for years played a huge part in all of the weight gained, it was still very hard to see the weight pile on. During my pregnancy I gained 40 lbs not to mention the 30 lbs I gained before actually getting pregnant. So yes, I was 70 lbs over my ideal weight on the day I walked into the hospital to deliver my daughter. During my pregnancy I was determined not to focus to much on my weight, but to enjoy my pregnancy and the new life I was about to bring into the world… plus breastfeeding was going to take care of all of that. So I thought!  At first things seem to be going well. Baby girl was feeding well and the pounds were melting away. After 2 weeks I was down 22 lbs and I was excited. It was working. I was providing nourishment to my baby and losing weight at the same time. I can remember thinking to myself, “this is to good to be true.”. Weeks went by and things started to slow a bit but I was still losing weight. I got down 37 lbs and then things took a turn. The weight-loss completely STOPPED at about 5 months PP. Now don’t get me wrong, 37 lbs is GREAT and in such a short amount of time, but I want more hahaha.  Its been months and I am still at the exact same weight. I’ve tried to decrease my food intake, but that caused a decrease in my milk supply so I scratched that. I upped my water intake and my milk supply went up =), but there was no change in my weight. I know people say you can eat like a horse and still lose while breastfeeding and I agree. I am proof this is true, but to some extent. What about continuous weight-loss while breastfeeding?? Is that possible? I don’t know. What are your thoughts? Any suggestions? Anyone have the same issue? Share your story. I would love to hear how breastfeeding and weight loss is going for you.

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