Frozen Milk Gone bad? How I check.

The thought of giving my baby spoiled milk has always freaked me out. Spoiled milk is not only disgusting but it can make your baby sick and what mama wants that?! I find myself doing these 3 things to check my frozen milk after it has thawed and it seems to work.


1: Taste the milk. Yup, I taste my milk. Why would I feed my baby something I wouldn’t eat or drink myself right?! If the milk has a sour taste then, of course, I throw it out. FYI It is not uncommon for some breast milk to have a soapy taste, which is created as a result of the milk’s enzymes breaking it down. Lipase is the enzyme in breast milk that breaks down the milk fats so your baby can easily digest it. Mothers have found that an excess of this enzyme can cause the milk to taste soapy and some even describe it as having a sour taste. I have never experienced this soapy or sour taste in my milk.


2. Smell the milk. Spoiled breast milk has an unmistakable foul odor that is similar to spoiled cow’s milk. If you detect this odor, the milk must be thrown away.


3. Look at the milk. Take a good look at it. Breast milk that has separated into two layers is still fine to use and can simply be swirled around/ mixed prior to serving. I actually talked about this in a previous IG post and yes, it’s completely normal. Breast milk will separate once it has cooled and the fatty portion of the milk rises to the top. FYI if the milk has formed clumps of solid material, similar to how cows milk looks when spoiled, that is a good indication your breast milk has spoiled and should be thrown away.


* At the end of the day, I would say, “go with your MAMA gut”.  If you suspect your milk has spoiled and you have tasted it, smelled and looked at it and you’re still unsure if its good or not then its probably best to throw it out. You know your milk!!



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