How to Store Breast Milk While Away From Home!

Let’s Talk Breast MILK and how to Store it while Away From Home


Ahhh Liquid Gold! It’s extremely important to store breast milk properly. Sometimes this can be a issue when you’re away from home.

I found a LIFE saver, THE PORTABLE ICE BOX/ COOLER BAG.  The best thing ever invented haha was the portable ice box. You just add ice packs and its the perfect alternative when you’re away from home and need to store that LIQUID GOLD. You can keep it in the ice box for up to 24 hours which is perfect. Use it at work, for road trips, on airplanes Etc.

Many workplaces have small mini refrigerators that you can use. You can store breast milk in the refrigerator for up to five days. The size of the frig doesn’t matter. Same rule applies to regular size refrigerators.

Note: Never leave milk exposed. Always use sterilized containers. Plastic bottles or plastic breast milk bags are always recommended. Beware of using glass bottles as they may crack or chip. Label and date your bottles and bags. Its a good idea to add the time of day as well.  Also how you store your breast milk depends on how soon you want to use it. If you plan to use it within a few days, refrigerating is always your best option.


How do you store your milk while away from home? Don’t be shy. LETS TALK!


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