Is Breastfeeding Weakening My Teeth?!

Hey mamas, well like I said before… I’m not only here to share the pleasant beautiful side of Breastfeeding, I’m here to share the Raw and UNCUT TRUTH!!!! #TheTRUTHaboutBreastfeeding.

Breastfeeding takes a lot out of a mother. Although Breastfeeding is natural, the process of making Breastmilk is rough on our bodies… including those PEARLY WHITES. That’s why CONTINUING your prenatal vitamins after you give birth is so important. During pregnancy, a moms bones break down to release calcium into the bloodstream. This helps to create healthy strong bones for your baby. This also happens during Lactation. This is how calcium is provided to your milk. A woman is recommended to take 1000mg of calcium a day. The typical prenatal has 200 mg (I have no idea why this is) so make sure you are taking your calcium, especially if you are experiencing teeth issues. I have broken 3 teeth in the last year and constantly have sore gums. The good thing is that once you wean research shows that moms teeth bounce back and many experience an increase in bone density. We will see. Ahhh the JOYS of breastfeeding AND I wouldn’t change a dang thang. I’ll take sore gums and a few broken teeth any day for my baby!

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